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Malva’s Midnight Ride PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lisa Thoms   
Wednesday, 01 October 2008 00:00

This 8-inch kitten is a little witch in training who is longing to make her first midnight trip around the world.

“Malva’s Midnight Ride”“Malva’s Midnight Ride” is a project that can be completed by even a beginner sewer with some basic knowledge of sewing skills.



Pattern (click on link)

1/8 yard of mohair, plush or other fabric

9 mm glass “Google” eyes or eyes of your choice

1 cotter pin for neck joint (1 inch; optional)

4 mini cotter pins for arm/leg joints (½ inch; optional)

2 metal fender washers (1/8 inch by ¾ inch; optional)

8 fiberboard washers (7/16 inch by .7 inch by 1/16 inch; optional)

Small witch’s hat

Small witch’s broom

Other basic bear-making tools: pattern marking pen, sewing needle, 5-inch doll needle, thread, FrayCheck, hemostats, waxed eye floss or dental floss, needle-nose pliers, stuffing (Polyfil and/or pellets) and fabric markers



Step 1 Cut out all the pattern pieces and trace them onto the wrong side of your fabric. Do not forget to mark the pattern pieces with the opening for the joints and for turning and stuffing the kitten. Note that the arm/leg pieces will be folded in half and then sewn. Also, there are two different ear patterns, so the kitten will have one ear that is slightly larger than the other.


Step 2 Carefully cut out all fabric pattern pieces and either pin or baste them right sides together.


Step 3 Using a sewing machine, or if you prefer you may hand sew using a backstitch, sew all the pattern pieces, remembering that the arm/leg pieces should be folded in half and then sewn. Also remember when sewing the ears that the smaller ear pieces get sewn together and the larger ear pieces get sewn together, making for two different-size ears. This is an important aspect of Malva’s “quirky” personality.


Step 4 FrayCheck the edges and then turn all the pattern pieces.


Step 5 Stuff the kitten’s head first and add the neck joint with the cotter pin. Sew up the kitten’s head so the cotter pin is still accessible, as it will be pulled through the body and turned if you are using a regular jointing technique. If you prefer not to joint the kitten’s neck, simply leave it open until you stuff and close the body and then sew the head onto the neck.


Malva pattern diagramStep 6 Next, using fiberboard washers and cotter pins, secure the arms and legs using the same cotter pin jointing technique you used to attach the head. If you do not wish to use cotter pins to joint your kitten, this project is small enough that you may also string-joint the kitten with waxed eye floss (see diagram). If you do not have waxed eye floss, dental floss will work just as well. Before beginning the string-jointing technique, make sure the head is attached to the already-stuffed body, and stuff and close the arms and legs.


Step 7 Stuff the body, arms and legs. Close each of the openings with a ladder stitch.


Step 8 Sew the ears in place, insert the eyes and embroider the mouth and nose. If you use a mohair fabric with longer fibers, you may want to trim or pluck the area where you are going to place the eyes and embroider the facial features.


Step 9 Sew on the tail.


Step 10 Using fabric markers, shade the kitten’s fur as much or as little as desired. The Malva pictured here was originally made with orange-tipped cream mohair, and a black fabric marker was used to turn her into a calico.


Step 11 Add a little hat and broom to complete the kitten. Now she is ready for her midnight flight around the world!

Lisa Thoms, Twin Cubs. “Malva’s Midnight Ride” was designed exclusively for Teddy Bear Review. This pattern is a gift to you for your personal enjoyment. Please respect the artist and her generosity and do not reproduce the bear for sale. (You may use the bear for gifts and charitable donations.)