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Halloween Hijinks: Terrifying teddy bears, silly skeletons, and pumpkins galore! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stephanie Finnegan   
Thursday, 31 October 2013 10:08


Chantilly Lane unveils Capt’n Salty and his parrot, Pepper. The pair is perfectly in disguise for a Halloween jaunt.
Available online at Very Talented Teddy Bear, this trio of crooning cubs rock out to “We Will Haunt You.”
Build-a-Bear Workshop always has something popping for the holidays. The Pumpkin Bear is a great slice of Americana.
Whooo is that? It’s a musical plush toy from Gund. He’s a singing owl whooo is all set for some trick-or-treating fun.
Li’l Snuffles might be tiny but he packs a big bite! He’s a vibrant vampire who is only 5 inches tall.
Two of my favorite things! Chocolates and teddy bears! A delicious delight for Godiva chocolate fanciers.
Vermont Teddy Bear Company has tons of Halloween hits, including skeletons...
Ghastly ghosts...
Pumpkins that are delightfully sweet!
Fergie is all smiles as a beauty contestant with a big pink Teddy pal.
Chantilly Lane unveils Capt’n Salty and his parrot, Pepper. The pair is perfectly in disguise for a Halloween jaunt.
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My friend Cam is a hoot! He’s big; he’s loud; he’s enormously creative. For Halloween—his favorite time of the year—he goes all out with his costuming. This year, he’s really pushing the envelope: a National Parks tourist during the government shutdown.

Now, you might ask, how will he do that? And what does it have to do with teddy bears?

Well, in Cam’s twisted, quick as a lightning bolt mind, he’s going to wear hiking clothes and attach all manners of teddy bears to himself. He will (hopefully) look like a misguided traveler who wandered off the beaten path and met with ultimate disaster.  Consider him a gentle giant of a man who accidentally happens upon Gentle Ben and his cubs while they’re foraging. Not a pretty picture!

Personally, I think he is just going to look like an enormous, walking teddy bear himself: a teddy bear dad who is taking his young ones out for a Sunday stroll through Jellystone National Park, or maybe a favorite uncle bear who makes every day Halloween.

Halloween certainly is a fabulous time for the teddy bear aficionado. There is so much to see and to buy regarding your favorite bruin buddy done up as a scary skeleton, a vivid vampire, or just a trio of really cute Halloween trick-or-treaters. (The musical ones that are available are really adorable. Online, there is a whole bunch of them that sing clever lyrics, like a parody of Queens’ “We Will Rock You.” For the holiday, they serenade “We Will Haunt You.”)

Bears are a great way to spice up a Halloween tabletop for a kids’ party or even a grown-up gathering. Nobody can resist a little teddy decked out in a sorcerer’s robe or garbed as a friendly (or unfriendly) witch. (See the Steiff version of the “Wicked Witch of the West” from my last blog and you’ll agree that’s downright spooky.)

Fergie, singer and actress and brand-new mom, attended Heidi Klum’s famous Halloween party garbed as a beauty contestant, with a big stuffed teddy bear that she hoisted up or dragged into every photo. The bear got as much coverage as the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas did. When asked why she had a bear by her side, Fergie responded, “Why not?” That quip makes absolute sense to me.

My pal Cam is still adamant about going as a befuddled camper besieged by a brood of grizzlies. I hope he takes some kind of honor for his handiwork. However, I think he might walk away with a prize for the most comical costume of the night. The more I ponder it, I believe he looks like a hapless hoarder.

I think that’s what his costume should be: a well-meaning collector who started off with good intentions and then eventually got swallowed up by his hug.
That’s something that’s seriously scary and frightfully funny.